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Peter and the Closet Monster - Children's Book
Konni Jensen Art

Peter and the Closet Monster - Children's Book

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In the picture book "Peter & the Closet Monster", Peter has had enough of the scrapes, rustles, burps and laughter coming from his closet every night; He bravely decides to investigate. We follow Peter's capture of the Closet monster, a friendship forming and a brother's misunderstanding that forces the monster out on a WILD adventure trying out new jobs while Peter is looking for his lost friend.

A sweet and funny picture book, sure to make you laugh, cry and pull at your heart strings. This book takes away the fear of the dark closet and teaches you not to judge people who are different, or you don't know yet. For children age 4-8.

All associated products with illustrations are from the children's picture book: "Peter & the Closet Monster", which is available in both paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon!







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