March Newsletter
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Welcome to Konni Jensen Art,

We would like to offer you a consultation with the artist, Konni Jensen via either phone or Skype.

Ask her questions about art, her progress, ideas and "how to" or just her history, she used to be a visual merchandiser for larger corporations such as Restoration Hardware and Anthropologie and have helped decorate many celebrity homes.

Her art has been featured in magazines and newspapers, shown at expo's and fairs and on TV, please refer to the list below.

Konni will also be happy to tell you how to publish a children's picture book or coloring book, as she has published 6 herself, you can see them at 

She also offer services for logos and website builder on

Fill out the form on the "About" page and let her know what you are interested in discussing. As well as check out the 30 minute session or 60 minute session below.

Thank you very much, she is looking forward to talking with you.


Features, Shows & Awards:

San Diego County Fair June/July 2018, Honorable Mention and Donated Award

bG Gallery June 2018

Fusion Art, Women Artists, January 2018

Pratique des Arts, French Magazine November 2017

Criminal Minds, Season 12, Episode 21, aired May 3rd 2017 on CBS$null$null$cbs%20criminal%20minds

Acrylic Artist Magazine, Spring edition 2017, "A Brilliant Move"

San Diego County Fair, Del Mar, 2017, 1st prize in acrylic and Honorable Mention 

​Acrylic Artist Magazine, 2016, "How Rejection Will Make You a Better Artist"

Huffington Post, 2016, "If This Art Could Vote". "Hillary Liberty"

Politicon, 2016                                                            

Liberal America, "2016 is proving to be a great year for Political Art - Take a look"

Huffington Post 2016, “If This Art Could Vote”, “Looming Trump”.

Huffington Post 2016, “If This Art Could Vote”, “Pirate Trump”.

Huffington Post 2016, “If This Art Could Vote”, “Unshackled Trump”.

Huffington Post, 2016, "If This Art Could Vote", "In Honor of Hillary"

Huffington Post, 2016, "If This Art Could Vote", Thanks to Dorothy and Charlotte"

Bustle, "The Best "Hillary For President" Campaign Art, Because Her Running in 2016 Is A Beautiful Thing"                             

Artsy Shark, "Featured Artist Konni Jensen", 2016                

Boffo Politics, "In Politics We Trust", 2016

Fox & Hound, "Politicon 2016"

Today USA, "The Art That's Packing A Real Political Punch This 2016 Election Season"                                                              

Democratic Underground, "The Art That's Packing A Real Punch", 2016

Taboo, Underground Political and Pop Culture Magazine, 2016, "Clinton Topic"

Numerous gallery features at Phantom Gallery in both Carlsbad and Oceanside, CA over 2 years.

Galleri Uggerby, Denmark, Nov/Dec 2015